About us

About us


The company KAMIMA DESIGN s.r.o. was established by registration in the Commercial Register of the Slovak Republic in May 2017. The business plan, which had been developing for a long time in the head of one woman, finally got its identity.


The first goal and intention of the company was to bring to the Slovak market new brands of jewelry made of precious metals, which with their tradition, innovative production technologies and, above all, the high-quality work of skilled hands, charmed the world even beyond the borders of beautiful Slovakia.


The first challenge was to choose the right place in our picturesque metropolis, where future customers will find a pleasant environment and amenities that will provide them with the desired comfort during their visit to our boutique. We were looking for an unconventional location where the legacy of our city’s history is combined with the progressive thinking of modern architecture.


After exploring all the nooks and crannies of the capital, we started to build the interior of our first KAMIMA DESIGN JEWELERY boutique in the new multi-functional building in the city center on Mýtna street, to everyone’s delight. The first look made the decision and we started the project with enthusiasm.


After a long winter, the long-awaited moment of opening has arrived. Despite all the obstacles, KAMIMA DESIGN s.r.o. opens. opened the doors of her boutique for the first time on March 3, 2018, and with the onset of spring she welcomes her customers with a smile, the shine of precious metals and the colors of precious stones.


Today, with respect for the challenging business environment, the company stands firmly on value pillars, which are responsibility towards the society in which we live, respect for customers and business partners, and the honest work of our employees.